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, no. >>> marcia blackburn grilled health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, you remember this, over debacle. president is blaming republicans, republicans for the website failure. congresswoman blackburn is here to respond. to respond. more "money" coming up.Ñ@ç@çpç this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one. it's not the "limit the cash i earnvery month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on eve purchase, everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet? >> let's go ahead and check out those reflexes. >> things don't as you work like they're supposed to. good thing the government exchange website isn't the only place to buy health insurance. just visit well or call today. melissa: oh snap! iowa's top insurer taking a jab at obamacare as frustrations grow wi
secretary kathleen sebelius taking a lot of heat for the failings of obama care and the go many is hoping to keep the pressure on her boss. a rising republican star, author of "unintimidated." welcome to you. >> good to be here. >> are we in a position where republicans would love kathleen sebelius to keep her job as long as humanly possible? >> many of us like yourself warned about the problems we're seeing with obama care, not just with the rollout but as i cautioned to many republicans in my state and across the country, we need to be careful. we need to join with americans and join in their frustration, not in any way look like we're relishing this and if obama care goes over the cliff, we shouldn't be the ones pushing it. we should be back trying to help everyday americans find a better way, a better alternative and that's what we're trying to do. >> does the apparent catarrhaphy of obama care in any way justify the government shutdown? because at the time the republicans were getting heat for forcing that but now some are saying well, they had a point, didn't they? >> well, i said m
-raiser in florida last night, kathleen sebelius gets nailed as crashes just as the secretary smiles for her photo op. the law is falling apart at the seams and so is the president's approval rating, at an all-time low, 37%. maybe dragging it down is americans' realization that the law is a disaster. 31% approval rating on obama care. how many people think the law is working out well? only 7%. what's the white house make of all this? as ed henry knows, ed, are they so insulated that they can't even fathom the thought of scratching and starting over? >> reporter: i think panic may be a bit strong, but they're deeply concerned, they're worried. pick your adjective. bottom line, they realize the bottom is falling out both for the president's approval rating and approval of this law. if you look at this cbs poll, you already laid out some of the top-line numbers. when you dig a little deeper, it's only like 31% approval of the law. that is a drop of 12 points in one month. well, what's happened in the last month? you've had the botched rollout and the president's broken promise about, yo
website has yet to be ruled. two-week crunch period. does that mean well? >> kathleen sebelius is the former president of national association of insurance commissioners. i keep -- you're not going to invite me to this program anymore because i keep asking the same question. who is advising this president when it comes to how the insurance markets work? i don't get these guys. >> join the crowd. i get that, too. no quarterback. brad, let me go to you, congressman. yesterday we had these revelations from mr. chow, from the hhs. he says 30 to 40% of the website is not brok is not built. specifically the back payments and the purchasing. my question is even if you got renewals, bob says you have to get it in by the first half of december, how are they going to work this through if you can't pay for it and connect the website to the insurance company? that's the part i don't get. >> that's the big question, right? we can't turn back time and wish it was another day before this all started taking place. people are prepared for this for three years at least on the provider end and pe
in miami kathleen sebelius, a woman was trying to sign up for obama care. let's show everybody what happened. >> i think it's great that the this is happening. >> it's been a long time coming. >> yeah. >> it's temporarily down. >> uh-oh. >> well, it's okay. it will come back. >> that happens every day. >> look at the screen shot. i'm sorry. our system is temporarily down. now we are told they may not even meet the deadline of the end of the month. isn't there a series of events? don't they need individuals to sign up for it to work? >> there is. we knew about the problems inherent in obama care that it would take away health insurance, drive up premiums and kill jobs. what we didn't predict was the disastrous incompetence of the administration rolling out a functioning website. there are 17-year-olds that can design a website and sell sneakers on linebacker. -- online. this administration can't get a functional website in three years. that's functioned as an accelerant. it's throwing gasoline on the fires. it made the problems far more severe, far more quickly. at this point, i'm co
. >>> at a fund-raiser in florida last night, kathleen sebelius gets nailed as crashes just as the secretary smiles for her photo op. the law is falling apart at the seams and so is the president's approval rating, at an
.gov not functional. kathleen sebelius met with some of the so-called navigators in south florida, the website went down. >> this is a disaster. we have asked the american people to behave differently. when was the last time we asked the entire country to do something differently. now doing that it better be right and we clearly know it has not been. my concern is the war of anecdotes going forward. i can't get my old insurance. or i have cancer are so much more intense, than the positive anecdotes. so that's my big concern. the only shot the president has is and people won't be happy with it is what i call a five year narrative. two things will be happening. we'll lower the growth in health care costs which we're starting to see and more people will have insurance. but this is a five, ten year proposition. won't make people happy today. this at this point is only map. >> you can be right. the fundamental problem for him is what happens with democrats in the senate who are up for reelection. we might see in three or four years but that's not fast enough for democrats in the house or senate. the web
in a day or two. now to florida. embarrassing moment for hhs secretary kathleen sebelius. the secretary was touring obamacare sign up site and right before her eyes you guessed it crashed. >> okay. >> it's going pretty smooth. >> that's good. >> so we are happy. >> i like to hear that. >> we all like to hear that. >> a lot better. >> temporarily down. >> uh-oh. >> that's okay. it will come back. you know, that happens every day. >> and hits keep coming as we just saw the obamacare problems don't stop. are these nonstop problems causing democrats to their breaking point. >> good to be with you. >> you voted against the healthcare bill but strongly in favor of reforming but just weren't crazy about the solution. >> i voted against the bill for a whole bunch of reasons, the mandatory upgrade that's resulting in the cancellation of millions of policies contrary to the president's promise that you if you liked what you you got you would get to keep it. >> did you know that at the time you voted for it. >> we had a vote on that in committee on that very issue. i was one of the
. >> kathleen sebelius was at an event when it failed in front of her. >> yeah. this website, the problems keep coming. she was there. somebody said, this is great. it's working. she was smiling. when it didn't work you saw the smile disappear. >> wah-wah. good to see you. >> you, too. >> president obama has taken a credibility hit with statements like if you like your plan, you can keep it, period. my next guest says obama care is the president's katrina or iraq. he defends the comparison. saying that the president has a credibility problem that's similar to the one developed by president george w. bush after his handling of katrina and iraq. ron fornier is a national correspondent. good to see you. people didn't like that comparison. particularly people on the left. saying you have to be crazy. people died after hurricane katrina. they died in the iraq war. how can you compare the failed rollout of obama care to that? >> that's the oldest trick in the book. of course i'm not crises. there is no comparison between iraq and katrina and obama care. there haven't been thousands of deaths with oba
people have a lot of thoughts, but i have some, too. kathleen sebelius made all kinds of promises, she's broken every one of them. she's become part of the fantasy land villains of disney world in some way. she can't get anything right. nancy pelosi said they're still looking through and trying to figure out what obamacare will be. but how about this guy, donald berwick? he's the former cms administrator. he was the guy that was speaking in favor of english, of british, of health care. he had written about the importance of rationing. he's not there anymore. now he's running for governor. he put us in the dumper big, big time. >> he wanted to be governor of what state? >> massachusetts, i think. >> perfect. >> be careful. not good. >> there is somebody we've seen on television tangling with megyn kelly a couple of nights. you suggest ezekiel emmanuel. >> he had a meltdown on megyn kelly and said that somehow it was a self-fulfilling prophecy and that fox was responsible for the web site not going up and the numbers not working out at all. >> how did we do that? >> how about dennis mcdo
secretary kathleen sebelius when the website crashed right in front of you. >> i think it's great this is happening. it's okay, it will come back. you know, that happens every day. martha: okay, that's okay. it will come back. this happens every day. she was visiting a miami hospital. they should have gone that was not going to work out the way they want it to. in tennessee remember this moment, somebody handle were a website for dummies book. some people thought that was rude. she wasn't too happy about it. it's easy to walk into these situations the way it's work. i'm not sure of the's such a great p.r. moment. martha: don't worry, it will come back. bill: massive flooding slamming a major city. have a look right here. some chilling new video of a man trying to save his car from being washed away. we'll show you what happen to him and others in a moment. martha: there is a brand-new deal that can keep our troops in afghanistan for another 10 years. ralph peters is here on that. bill: new developments where a teenaged girl is charged with bullying another girl to death. it could
secretary kathleen sebelius. she met with people in miami signing up for health insurance when the website crashed right in front of her. >> it's temporarily down. >> that's okay. it will come back. >> that happens every day. >> well hhs officials say they expect the site to be working smoothly for most users by the end of the month. >> a young member of the kennedy family is attracting a lot of attention after an appearance at the white house last night. 20-year-old john schlossberg introduced president obama at the jfk memorial dinner. he's jfk's grandson. 50 years after the assassination, schlossberg said his peers could learn from his grandfather's legacy. >> when we are told maze generation often is, that the challenges we face are insurmountable or our ability to face them is inadequate we must welcome a president that not only welcomed the challenges of his day but recognized vision and passion wherever they are found. >> schlossberg, who goes by jack, is no stranger to the limelight. his mother's caroline kennedy, the new ambassador to japan and in 2012 he he
this hour, hate it when that happens, kathleen sebelius caught on camera as the obama care website crashes right in front of her. while the optics are bad, the numbers may be good. are more people finally signing up. >> also new, the apology debate. was the u.s. asked to apologize to the afghan people in order to finalize a new security agreement with the country? we get the answers from the administration. >>> charges dropped. the two teen girls accused of bullying a girl to death will not face charges. the sheriff who arrested them is now under fire. he joins us live. >>> your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: what you need to know -- >> unlike lehman brothers, the relationship is too big to fail. >> announcer: what you just have to see. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> welcome to "new day." it's thursday, november 21st, 7:00 in the east. here's what happened while you were sleeping. a massive boeing cargo jet somehow landed at the wrong airport in wichita, kansas. now it's stuck. why? the runway there simply too short for the dream lifter
explains. >> reporter: just as health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was touring an obama care signup center in florida this week and chatting with volunteers about the website crashed. >> reporter: the screen says sorry your system is temporarily down. >> that's okay, it will come back. that happens every day. >> reporter: as it turns out the struggling website is exactly the scenario administration officials quietly feared, as more e-mails released by house republicans reveal top hhs official henry chao the white house worried the site was not ready one week before its october first launch referring to chief technology officer todd park chao wrote one of the things todd conveyed was this fear that the white house has about this site being up available." >> people are experiencing some level of difficulty with moving from stage to stay in the online application that has been reduced and proveimproved. >> reporter: more than 133,000 people signed up for obama care on the state health exchanges and the white house released an economic report th
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)